The Adventures of Finley and Cisco

The Adventures of Finley and Cisco

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When Finley the fish moves from his school in Lake Erie to a new school in Lake Superior, he finds out the hard way that his new classmates think he is far from superior.  An incident with a fishing hook when he was young left him with a safety pin holding his dorsal fin in place.  The other fish make fun of the way he looks and tell him to go back to Lake Erie because he looks different and doesn't belong there. 

The Adventures of Finley and Cisco is a triumphant tale that introduces children to the virtues of helping a friend in need (FIN) and the strength of power in numbers (PIN) in a fun-to-read adventures that is easy to remember.  The story offers many talking points and can be used by teachers, parents and counselors as a tool to help open up the delicate and necessary conversation of bullying, tolerance of and appreciation for those who are different, and the importance of standing up for what is right. 

Together, the fish at Lake Superior School learn a valuable lesson about friendship, courage, forgiveness and kindness.